Our Services

Air Cargo
Get your goods delivered safely and quickly by air.

An international air freight forwarder can help you navigate through all key freight documents, insurance, customs, air freight logistics.

Land Transport
A fast and top service while keeping costs to a minimum.

Land transport may lack the glamour and awesomeness of air and maritime freight, but road freight is the one we turn to when we need the job finished.

Door To Door
door-to-door movement of documents and parcel.

Experts, present on all the continents, is always ready to ensure the seamless progression of International door-to-door shipments of documents and parcel.

Why Choose Us!

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Bholenath Parcels Founded in 2010, aims to become the world's preferred Supply Chain Courier Company.
Online Tracking
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Our Journey
Providing cost efficient & customized operations,On-boarded all Industry leading companies as Clients in the SHORTEST time.
Fastest Delivery
Provide same-day & next-day day delivery options to your customers by storing inventory in Shiprocket Fulfillment’s state-of-the-art.